Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 47

First, thank you all for having patience with me and my computer issues! The AT&T man came today and I'm now back among the living!

So the pregnancy brain has totally taken over!!! Yesterday I stopped by the gas station on the way home specifically to pick up a gallon of milk. A few hours later, I remembered that I left it in my car. The crazy cheapskate part of me put it in the refridgerator and debated keeping it if it still smelled okay, but later on I decided that was probably just stupid. So I told David to get some more milk on his way home and throw the old milk out.

So........this is what I opened the refridgerator to this morning. David had NOT poured the old milk out, but had taken the time to get a sharpie and write "Good" and "Bad" on both jugs. WOW!!!

Day 46

Yet another beautiful day to play outside. Today B was all about the slide and even wanted Mommy to slide (which Mommy probably won't be able to do too much longer). Here's her stance at the bottom of the slide waiting to catch me!

Day 45

Such a beautiful day outside. B was SOOO excited to see the daffodils blooming in the yard so she grabbed a basket and we went flower picking!

Macro Mystery Results

Thank all of you who guessed for humoring me with my little game! Maybe I'll do it again sometime, especially if I get a really cool 100mm macro lens like Liz.
NO horrible people!!! This is NOT my toothbrush- it's a hairbrush!
Bailey's hair things
King Cake- YUM!!! Would you believe my husband brought this king cake home and paraded it in front of me before telling me it was for his customers and I couldn't have any!!!
ice on deck outside
glass plates
It's not just bacon, it's Bacon Explosion- bacon and cheese wrapped in ground pork, covered in BBQ sauce, and wrapped in a weaved blanket of bacon. The creation of my husband and his friend Brandon. Sounds gross, I know- but it was SOOOO good!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 44

Nothing says love like strawberry cake and milk- or at least my husband thinks so...