Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Day 260- A Decade Ago...

A decade ago... I got engaged!!!

It was picture perfect! David came to New York City for the weekend to visit me while at Pfizer training. That weekend, I took him to Rockerfeller Center to see the beautiful Christmas tree and decorations. If you know me, you know that I LOVE Christmas!!! We had some other friends with us that offered to take our picture with the tree in the background. (David already had this planned because one friend had the still camera and the other friend had the video camera.) It was drizzling and of course I was in a hurry to get my frizzy hair out of the rain. To my surprise, right after our picture, he got down on one knee and said, "I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you." (Later he told me he had rehearsed something much more poetic, but that's what came out in the spur of the moment.) I couldn't believe it! I was the happiest girl around! And I am so lucky to have both these pictures and the video of this special moment!

Today... while cleaning out some old stuff, I found this stack of letters, notes, and cards that David had given/sent me while dating. So funny and sweet to go back and read them! I still love him!!!

Day 259- A Decade Ago...

A decade ago... my husband was flying high on the Louisiana Tech Waterski Team.

Now... I'm hoping that he has enough sense to stay OFF of the jump skis. But I know he's itching to get our two little munchkins on skis as soon as he can!

Day 258- A Decade Ago...

A decade ago... I was a bridesmaid in two of my best friend's weddings. Here are "my girls" at my friend Missy's wedding.

Today... we are scattered all over the south, enjoying our husbands and children. We still get together about twice a year and pick up right where we left off. Love these girls!!!

Day 257- A Decade Ago...

A decade ago... I spent a beautiful week's vacation in Hawaii, sightseeing, snorkeling, going to a luau, eating mahi mahi, and watching breathtaking Hawaiian sunsets.

Somehow I convinced David to wear these dorky matching outfits.

Today... the outfits still hang in our closets. Unfortunately, mine hasn't fit in a few years. Thanks to my babies!

Day 256- A Decade Ago...

A decade ago... I graduated from college (for the first time).

Today... I'm putting my two degrees to good use by washing 48 (you heard me right) pairs of baby socks! Glamorous!!!

Day 255- A Decade Ago...

So this week I'm going with another theme and posting old pictures from 10 years ago. Funny to look back at how much my life has changed!

A decade ago...I spent my evenings (and some early mornings) partying with friends at Louisiana Tech. Here's David and me at a sorority party. Yes, for those of you wondering, at one point in time my husband DID have hair!

Today, my evenings look like this! A lot less glamorous, but I wouldn't change a thing!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Day 254- A Decade Ago...

A decade ago... I was working in the public relations department of LifeShare blood centers. I had actually already accepted another job doing pharmaceutical sales with Pfizer, but was finishing up my two weeks' notice worth of work. I remember sitting at my desk and one of the girls, who always had the radio on, called us over to listen. I could not believe by ears! I started trying to call everyone I knew (with everyone else in the area doing the same, only a few of the calls went through). One of those people was my boyfriend David, who was at an Atlanta airport. Fearing the unknown, I was terrified for him to get on another plane to come home. Upon hearing the news, the community showed up in droves to donate blood that day, and all of us from the business office had to come out front to help corral all of the people. I even made the nightly news!

A few short weeks later, I had to travel to New York City for Pfizer training. Again, I was terrified. However, there was probably never a safer time to fly. The airport security was on the ball. I remember at one point in time I was stuck in the already super-long security line at LaGuardia Airport for over an hour. All flights had been grounded and all airport operations were temporarily shut down because President Bush was flying into the airport.

Below I have posted some photos of Ground Zero. These were taken in December 2001. I visited the site earlier on my first trip, however didn't have the heart to take pictures then. It just seemed too new and personal. You couldn't see much because they had partitions and homemade memorial walls all over the place, but I do remember the smell. Even we when exited the subway still underground you could smell it- a smell I can only describe as pure evil. As I sit tonight watching footage of that horrific day, I can only thank God for the blessings in my life.