Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 161

Been having trouble posting to Blogger the past few days, but I think the kinks are worked out now.

Christmas in June!

Lately, Bailey has been begging for her "Jesus Dollhouse," which I came to realize was her Little People nativity set. So today when Daddy came home, we sent him up in the attic to get it. Bailey was SO excited and has been playing with it all day! I mean, you can't deny a child a religious toy, right? Even in June???

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day 160

Bailey's Latest Obsession: blowing bubbles in her milk!

We're trying to make the move to a big-girl cup (which can be kinda messy), but she still enjoys a straw if I'll give her one. And lately, she's discovered that blowing bubbles is a fun trick. She always says it looks like popcorn!

Day 159


Bought my first bottle of Dreft today to wash baby clothes. Bailey had a great time helping me fold them- of course, she kept on attempting to try everything on!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 158

Just had to brag on my sweet baby girl today! David was talking to her last night about his plans for tonight: going with a group of guys over to Camp I'm Still Me, a camp for child burn survivors. David was asked to go a few years ago, and because the group going is a motorcycle group, David jumped at the chance to borrow a bike and get some riding in again. However, it wasn't the riding that was so special to him- it was the children. He was blown away at how optimistic and excited they were and came home with tons of stories about his new little friends.

So he's gone back the past few years, and last night he was telling Bailey about how he was going to go visit some children who had bobos from a fire. He said that Bailey got a very concerned look on her face and said, "Daddy, you can bring them some of my Dora band-aids for their bobos. That will make them feel better." How sweet!

This morning she woke up talking about it again, and actually went in the bathroom and got her band-aids out. They were princess instead of Dora, but she said the kids wouln't mind! So proud of my compassionate little angel!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Day 157

Sweet friends sitting poolside...


one hungry girl (mine) inching closer to the friend with the food?!?!

Glad to spend some time at the pool with the Toms crew today! Can't wait for B to start her swimming lessons soon!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day 156

I know this picture may be boring to some, but it is music to our ears!!! Our lake was partially drained back in August to allow homeowners to work on their seawalls/piers, but the lack of rain lately has caused our lake to not fill back up as quickly as we'd hoped! Therefore, the public boat launch is still closed and the thought of no lake usage this summer has loomed in front of us. David has worked SO HARD on our pier- we had the pier built last fall and David has tirelessly worked on building the closet, staining the wood, wiring the electrical, etc. himself. We were so excited to be able to use it this summer and then... not enough water!

So yesterday, David knocked on some guy's door who has a private launch in his backyard and asked to borrow it to launch his boat. The guy agreed and here's the result! YAY!!! No one be concerned, we live in the deepest part of the lake so we have enough water to ski and stuff by our house- we just had to find a way to get the boat in the water!

Day 155

Great day on the water at the Cross Lake Flotilla! David and I have been going for years now and (sadly) this was the first year in a while we didn't decorate the boat for the annual boat parade. But next year, we'll be back in action again!

And next year, this will be me!