Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day 208- Tummy Time

Thanks to my awesome mom!!! So super excited about my new Timi and Leslie diaper bag that was delivered yesterday! David's reaction was, "It looks like a purse." That was exactly what I was going for! So to keep with the "Tummy Time" theme, I squeezed my belly in the shot too!

Day 207- Tummy Time

Kinda a crazy photoshopped pic for today. I found it funny that my other preggo friend Lindsey had a similar shot on her blog today!

Day 206- Tummy Time

Helloooooo down there! Nice to see you again feet!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Day 205- Tummy Time

And now we've reached the Tummy Table portion of the pregnancy! Quite useful at times, if I do say so myself!

And so I'm going to try another theme week- Tummy Time- I really have no other ideas so if you're feeling creative, send some my way!

Day 204

WOW!!! What a landmark day today was! This picture (I'm totally aware of the poor quality, shame on me) marks the first time Bailey picked out and changed her clothes entirely by herself. And I'm telling you people this was big, because my child seems to have an abnormally large head and sometimes it's quite hard to get a shirt on her. Now, I wouldn't have put this outfit together, but it's a decent match. She's really becoming more independent these days, which is nice with the impending arrival of Brother. Her favorite phrase now is, "I don't need help Momma. I can do it by myself."

Day 203

Oh how we LOVE the iPad! I uploaded some games for Bailey and it amazes me how quickly she learned how to operate the whole thing. Here's some of her handiwork: a picture of Mommy and some letter tracing.

Day 202

You think we've got enough pie???

Yesterday was David's birthday and we were bombarded with pie! (Hey, I'm not complaining!) We racked up with a homemade strawberry from my grandmother, half of a Strawn's strawberry, and half of a Strawn's chocolate. Just be warned that if you come over to our house in the next few days, you will be forced to eat some!!!