Friday, January 6, 2012

Day 365- Hallelujah!!!

WOW!!! I thought this day would NEVER come! And for a good bit of the year, it couldn't have come soon enough! I have to admit that the 365 project was tough for me, especially post-baby. Some days I had to resort to plopping a horrible iPhone picture up here because that was all I had. Many days I didn't post at all and then had to catch up on a week's worth or more.

But now that I'm at Day 365, I'm actually kinda sad. I have some great memories preserved now because of this project. And although I'm not going to do another 365 blog for 2012, I'll definitely try to keep my family blog updated more often.

Thanks to all (two) of you who followed along with our crazy year and Happy 2012!!!

Day 364

Did my 3 year old really just change my baby's diaper???

I think she did!!!

Day 363

Still on a Christmas high!!! A little hodgepodge today:

Bailey has officially entered the other dimension known as Barbie Heaven! I once used to reside there as well! Don't get me started on Barbie's wardrobe these days though. It seems like we're teaching these little girls that dressing hoochie-fabulous is the way to go! Oh well- Barbie is practicing good oral hygeine so we'll forgive her for now!

This was one of the neatest presents I think Bailey received. It's a Wizard of Oz pop-up book and it's absolutely amazing. Bailey is obsessed with the Wizard of Oz right now (cue upcoming birthday party theme) and my MIL ordered this book from Barnes and Noble. You really have to see it to believe it, but these pop-ups are amazing! It's the L. Frank Baum original version so it's definitely too advanced for her now, but she loves to look at the pictures and so do I!

Little Man is LOVING his exersaucer too! (Nobody tell him that his one and only present from Santa was also used by his sister! That's why half of the toys on it are already broken, but he doesn't know! Poor guy!!!)

Day 362

I'll go ahead and admit that these pictures are iPhone pics and therefore are HORRIBLE quality. But I couldn't pass them up. Bailey has always loved playing with her babydolls, and after Max's birth she has improved her mothering skills (thanks to yours truly!). Her babydoll repertoire now includes getting my boppy and sitting down in the chair with it. Then she carefully places the burp cloth under the baby's head (gotta prevent that spitup!) and puts a bib on. Luckily she still feeds her babies from a bottle (I think I'd run and hide if she chose to lift up her shirt!!!). She then burps the babies on her shoulder and yells at them to "stop spitting up!" Wonder where she learned that one from??? She'd probably also like for you to know that her babies are "teefing" and growing some new teeth so they can talk! This girl cracks me up!!!

Day 361

Look what I can do!!!

It's more of the orangutan sit, but we'll take what we can get right now!!!

Day 360

Miss Priss and Daddy braved the cold weather today to take her Barbie Jeep for a spin! Turns out she drive likes her mama- so watch out everybody!!!

In other news, Max tried cereal for the first time today! Hoping this helps with the excessive spitup!

Day 359

Merry Christmas!!! Here's Bailey and Max on Christmas morning!

Bailey was super-excited about her Barbie jeep- she sat in it all morning and listened to the Barbie radio (she hasn't even figured out that it goes anywhere yet!!!)

And Little Brother was equally as excited about his exersaucer! He LOVES standing up right now so this was a godsend!

Day 358

Twas the night before Christmas...

We had Christmas with my dad and stepmother today before going to church for the Christmas Eve service.

Cute little Max got his first pair of jeans!

Bailey and Mommy in our snuggly new robes!

Here's Bailey getting ready for Santa's arrival.

Checking the chimney for a clear path for Santa

Practicing self-control with the Santa snacks

Day 357

Took the kiddos to Bass Pro tonight to see Santa. Have to admit that I'm a sucker for a free picture, but we had to wait in line and were shuffled in and out of Santa's lap pretty quickly so next year we may opt for the mall again. But Bailey got her moment to tell the Big Guy what she wanted- a dark pink camera! (Luckily Santa was able to find one!!!)