Friday, April 15, 2011

Day 105

Come on Mom, no more pictures!

A break in this week's theme to introduce our new Baby Boy, Max William Doyal. More info and pics on the family blog!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Room Redo- Day 104

SOOOOO wish I would have had my camera with me today. I even changed the lens and had it sitting by my purse and STILL forgot it. This was Teacher Appreciation Week at Bailey's school and the theme was 50s (which was great because we had lots of stuff to donate from B's b-day party). Today was a sock hop for the teachers and kids, and they were all decked out in their 50s duds- adorable! Bailey had a blast dancing, running around with her friends, and trying to hula hoop.

Back on track to my theme this week. I've been looking for a bigger play kitchen for Bailey's room and found this one that my friend Cassi was selling. I put a new coat of paint on it and voila- so cute I think!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Room Redo- Day 103

I had a bulletin board in B's room before that I had covered with white fabric and blue ribbon, but going with our more girly theme I decided to make a new one. I got a bigger board and covered it in pink and white striped fabric and added pink satin ribbon. I also hot glued fabric flowers to push pins to give them a little more bling. Since this board was bigger, I did the top for photos and the bottom with push pins for larger items.

Bulletin Board BEFORE

Bulletin Board AFTER

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Room Redo- Day 102

I've had these picture frames forever, but I really like them so I just keep painting them and reusing them. When B was born, I painted them to match her room and framed some stamped pictures of her handprints and footprints. The stamped pictures were SO cute and a constant reminder of how much my little one was growing. However, they looked quite babyish so I found some vintage fairy tale prints and framed those instead.

Frames BEFORE-

Frames AFTER-

Monday, April 11, 2011

Room Redo- Day 101

Table Lamp BEFORE- I originally added some ribbon and tassels to this plain white Wal-Mart lamp, but I wanted to make it more girly.

Table Lamp AFTER- I acutally bought a new lamp at Wal-Mart with a different shaped shade (the old one will go in the baby's room). I hot-glued some fabric flowers on and added pearls in the centers. I also added some pleated ribbon at the top and bottom of the shade and put some crystals underneath. Bailey absolutely LOVES her new "Princess Lamp."

Room Redo- Day 100

FINALLY!!! Photo uploading problems resolved!!! So I'm trying like a madwoman to catch up. This week I'm going with another theme. A few weeks ago, we bought Bailey some new Big Girl bedroom furniture and I decided it was also time to do a small overhaul of her room decorations as well. I decided to keep the color-scheme I had, but add some more feminine touches and a little bit of a vintage princess/fairy tale theme. I did all of this myself- mostly redoing things I already had. So I'll be showing some before and after pics. It feels GREAT to have her room finished now so that I can move on to the baby's room soon!!!

Wall Letters BEFORE- I painted these letters shortly after Bailey was born with a flower and vine theme. I was never too crazy about them so I decided to redo them.

Wall Letters AFTER- I patterend the letter design after B's fabric in her room. (Last year I found this really cute fabric and recovered her little rocking chair, made a pillow, and made a valance with it). Here's the fabric.

Here's the letters! I'm really pleased with them now!

Birthday Bash- Day 99

Well, today was birthday party day!!! After all of our hard work, this happy little face makes it all worthwhile! More birthday pictures to come on FB and the family blog!

Birthday Bash- Day 98

Oh heavens to betsy! First, I have horrible photo uploading problems and I'm days behind and NOW I accidentally deleted today's photo. So imagine a really cute (yet totally homemade) diner sign in hot pink saying "Doyal Diner." Then there's an arrow pointing covered in Christmas lights. I'm going to hang it by our front door to welcome our guests. I'm donating all of my decorations to Bailey's school for their 50s Teacher Appreciation Week theme so maybe I'll get by there in a few days to take a picture of it.