Friday, July 8, 2011

Day 189

No, that isn't the Creature From the Black Lagoon. It's just Bailey swimming underwater- her newest feat!!!

And a little bonus video...

And as a sidenote- let me just say how SUPER EXCITED I am about my annual college girls weekend at my friend Mindy's house! We're usually celebrating something- weddings, pregnancies, etc. This time we have an extra special celebration- a Sip N See for my friend Lauren and her precious baby girl that she just adopted from Ethiopia! Can't wait!

And don't worry- I won't be doing much at all; these girls have already assured me they will only let me off the couch to go to the bathroom!

Day 188

Nothing like Strawns strawberry pie! She would have eaten the entire piece if we'd let her!

Day 187

Bailey has had such a great time at school when the Bossier Olympiad gymnastics Tumblebus comes once a week. She always comes home and tells us about jumping on the trampoline, doing stretches, and doing flips. However, it took us a while to figure out what "pushing my tummy up" was until...

Daddy decided to show her some of HIS gymnastics moves. When he did a handstand, Bailey clapped and said, "You pushed your tummy up Daddy, great job!" Then Bailey and Daddy spent the rest of the evening practicing their handstands and B was so excited to tell her gymnastics teacher the next day about how she practiced!

Day 186

My little bookworm!

She's at the stage now where she loves to "read" (retell) her stories in her own words and it is absolutely adorable! I could sit for hours outside her door and listen to her. She even does voices- like mother, like daughter yet again!

Day 185


At least somebody is taking this whole "bedrest" thing seriously!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Day 184

Happy Fourth of July from my little firecracker!!!

Day 183

Cue the theme song to "Sanford and Son..."

After living in Cucci territory for over 3 years now, we finally decided that it was time to replace the unsightly barn in the front yard. Actually it's a trifecta of unsightliness because there's a horse stall area, a metal barn, and a small storage building. And like everything else around here, they were full of Cucci junk when we arrived. They will be torn down later this week (soooooo looking forward to a picture of that!) so David rented a storage unit and has been making trips to empty the barns for the time being.

So far, amongst other random Cucci junk, he has found a snow shovel (much needed for these cold Louisiana winters), a shotgun (not surprising), and a crack pipe (REALLY not surprising)! Can't wait to ses what else turns up!