Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Day 267- One Month Old

At one month old, Max is very strong. He can hold his head up for a really long time while being held. And he's lifting his head up really well during his Tummy Time!

Day 266- One Month Old

At one month old, Max's two favorite activities are playing on his playmat (He LOVES laying down and listening to the songs while looking in the mirror. He will try to grab at his reflection and smiles and coos up a storm!) and playing with or watching Bailey play (It is so funny to watch him watch her. He is mesmerized!). This picture, I suppose, combines his two loves as Bailey decided to bring him some baby dolls so they could all play together!

Day 265- One Month Old

At one month old, my sweet baby boy has such a wonderful temperment. Maybe this is typical of the second child, but he totally goes with the flow and very rarely makes a peep! He is a great sleeper too. He takes good naps and usually lays down without a fuss. At night he can go for 4-5 hour stretches sometimes (much to Mommy's delight!). We are truly blessed!

Day 264- One Month Old

At one month old, Max is starting to look a whole lot more like his sister (of course with darker hair and brown eyes). We weren't too sure who he looked like when he was born (probably because he looked like himself!!!), but now the resemblance to Bailey is becoming more obvious by the day. And what's really funny is that they have some of the same expressions, for example their "Poop Face" is exactly the same! We think that's pretty funny!!! Here are some comparisons:

Happy Max

Happy Bailey

Max with the Poop Face

Bailey with the Poop Face

Day 263- One Month Old

Happy official One Month Birthday to my sweet baby boy!!! We celebrated today by visiting Dr. Ritch for our one month check up. And my child is blowing up the charts. He now weighs 9 pounds, 2 ounces (he was 7 pounds at birth) and is 21 1/2 inches long (he was 21 inches at birth). He definitely doesn't have an eating problem. Everything else is great! I guess I just need to start doing some bicep curls now to keep up with my growing boy!

Day 262- One Month Old

At one month old, Max can smile when he's happy!

I know, I know, most people say that this early on they can't really produce a genuine smile, but he does. And it makes my heart melt!!!

Day 261- One Month Old

This week, we're celebrating Max's one month birthday!!! My how time flies! So... this week I'll be posting some stats about Max.

Max LOVES his Big Sister. Bailey, on the other hand, changes her feelings about him by the hour. One minute she'll be playing Patty Cake with him and giving him kisses, and the next minute she'll tell me she wishes he could go live with Jesus (yes, my child actaully said that!!!). But, I can tell he really likes her and can't wait to watch them grow up together!

Today (since David was home to assist), I attempted to take some pics of the kiddos in their matching Big Sis/Little Bro shirts. (Don't kill me Liz- I totally plagiarized your pictures!). I've been putting off doing this and finally had to brave it since Max isn't able to fit into newborn stuff anymore (sniff, sniff)! Bailey actually did really well and didn't try to drop Max on the floor as I feared.