Thursday, December 8, 2011

Day 336

Today was the long-awaited visit to the Polar Express! Bailey was SOOOO excited! We barely made it in time to catch the train. And unfortunately our friends Holly, Jonathan, and Nolan missed the train because they got lost. Luckily they were able to catch the next one and then meet up with us afterward for dinner. Bailey had a magical time and Max slept pretty much the whole time (which I guess means he had a blast too!)

All Aboard!

Wide-Eyed with Wonder

Are we at the North Pole yet???

Here comes Santa Claus!!!

Mommy and Bailey

Bailey's Bell

Day 335

Max celebrated Poopapalooza this morning!!! If I would have been warned I would have adorned my necessary trashbag and hazmat face mask for the occasion! I swear no poop whatsoever wound up in his diaper- it, in turn, wound up on his pants and shirt, my pants and shirt, the boppy, a bib, two burp cloths, the changing table cover, and the floor!!! How can something so little make such a huge mess?!?!?

Day 334

My two snuggle buddies!

Day 333

Today was the day that out elf Guillermo arrived!!!

Day 332

Merry Christmas from my two jolly little elves! Since today was Cyber Monday, I had to act fast to get a good Christmas card pic of the kids and order my cards. Miraculously, they were quite cooperative! My snowflake Christmas light background was a flop, so we improvised with the wrapping paper wall background! They're not perfect, but hey- they're kids!

I did NOT tell her to pose like this! This cracks me up!

Day 331

Splish Splash! Max LOVES bathtime and has discovered how to kick his legs in the tub! He's also realized that if he kicks hard enough, he can splash water all over the bathroom mirror! So glad that I have two water-babies!!!

Day 330

Popcorn Experiment! My mom told me that if you put an ear of Indian corn in the microwave, the kernals will pop on the ear. We tried it and sure enough it worked! Here's a before and after shot!

I wish I could take a picture of the before and after smell of my microwave- not so much of a success! It seems that I left the corn in there a little longer than I should have and it burned!

Day 329

BLACK FRIDAY!!!!!!! Whooo-hoo!!! I wish I had felt better (I think the surgery recovery plus cleaning my house for Thanksgiving plus the lack of sleep left me in a little less than tip-top Black Friday shape, but it was fun nonetheless!)

I have gone BF shopping with my friends Mindy and Elise for the past 3 years now and it has become a yearly tradition that we all look forward to. Yes, some may call us crazy for beginning our shopping escapades at 10PM at night, but we have a great time and get a lot accomplished!

Elise has mastered the art of getting the best BF deal (notice how she is researching items on her phone, iPad, and in paper ads all at the same time!!!) I can only hope to one day aspire to this level of shopping domination!

Taking a break to refuel at Strawns at about 2AM!

Day 328

Max was so excited to be the center of attention at Thanksgiving! Having 15+ people over to my house one week post-surgery for Thanksgiving probably wasn't the best idea, but we made it work! And Max was excited to meet his aunt and uncle and cousins!

Day 327

The itsy-bitsy spider...

David said it was a black widow, which completely freaked me out since it was right up by my house!!!

Day 326

Little Mommy!