Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day 76

15 weeks and counting...

Flashback to 15 weeks with Bailey...
Here's the matchup between Bailey and Doyal #2

Nickname: Guillermo
Morning Sickness: not a day!!!
Complications: none until I went to deliver
Food cravings: pizza and block cheese
Weight Gain: 30 pounds overall, pretty steady over 9 months
I thought it was...: a boy, guess I was wrong!!!

Nickname: Ramon (yes, we like to honor our Hispanic brethren)
Morning Sickness: unfortunately!!!
Complications: Seymore the Cyst
Food cravings: just glad I WANT food period now!
Weight Gain: I actually lost weight in the beginning due to constant nausea, now I'm back to my pre-pregnancy weight- but (as you can see), it's all going to my belly!
I think it is...: a girl, but I am very consistent in being wrong!!!


  1. Love this! You are such a cute pregnant person :)

  2. :) You are too cute! And LMAO at you guys and your baby nicknames ;)