Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 80

Oh what a day! We began our day when B woke up at 6:30 and promptly informed me that she was NOT going back to sleep. So my mission was to tire her out so she AND I could take a good nap later. The episode on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse today was about an obstacle course and so I decided that I'd make one for Bailey to help with the tiring out process. It involved many stations with activites like crawling through a tunnel, kicking balls down the hall, and jumping over dogbones. She was very excited about the "Popsicle Course" and went through it ALL DAY LONG. She even took a few turns as Scooter the dog and helped various buddies through it as well. How unfortunate for you all that you don't get any pictures of Mommy going through it because Mommy didn't fit very well underneath the chair or through the hole in the TV tray. Bailey was actually standing behind me pushing me though. Such a great activity that I recommend to any wanting to tire out their kids!!!


  1. I was really hoping for a pic of the pregnant lady going through the TV tray!

  2. Holly you are so fun. Please feel free to come over anytime and entertain my toddler ;)