Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 89

My grandparents came over today and Bailey patiently sat by the door all morning like a dog watching for them to arrive! There was a tad bit of wind out, so Bailey and my grandfather (G-Daddy) went out to fly her kite. Turns out that there wasn't enough wind and it was pretty chilly so we went inside quickly.

However, I really wanted some sort of a picture of B and G-Daddy kite flying together because I have very fond memories of doing the same thing with him when I was younger. He used to take me up to Huntington High School grounds on the weekends and we'd play tennis on the tennis court and fly kites. I looked everywhere for a picture of us, but couldn't find one. However, I have great memories of these fun times and am so thankful that Bailey can share some of those same memories with her great-grandfather.

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