Monday, May 2, 2011

Day 122

So I was a really bad pregnant lady today. (I mean, I might as well go drink 2 liters of Coke while laying on my back and riding a horse!)

While I was outside using the miter saw to cut about 150 blocks of wood from some 2x4s (bad pregnant activity #1), I noticed a lot of commotion around one of our brick columns. Part of that commotion was a hummingbird fight that seems to happen hourly around our feeder. But then I noticed another larger bird around the column. It kept flying up to the column with worms in its mouth. I decided to investigate (because maybe there was a nest), so I got the tall ladder (bad pregnant activity #2) and climbed up to take a look. Luckily I still had on my safety glasses from using the saw so if an angry mother bird came flying out, at least my eyes would be protected!!!

As I looked, I saw a nest built down into the column. As I looked more carefully, I saw that angry mother bird looking back at me with her "stay away from my babies you peeping tom" eyes. Of course I could not stay away, I made sure that she flew off and then quickly grabbed my point and shoot (because the SLR was too big for such a small space) and this is what I got.

Can't tell how many babies there are, but they're in there!


  1. girl, you are crazy! LOL take care of yourself..miter saw and a ladder! WOW! :)

  2. lol I was a bad pregnant lady too. ;) Cute picture though!