Monday, July 4, 2011

Day 183

Cue the theme song to "Sanford and Son..."

After living in Cucci territory for over 3 years now, we finally decided that it was time to replace the unsightly barn in the front yard. Actually it's a trifecta of unsightliness because there's a horse stall area, a metal barn, and a small storage building. And like everything else around here, they were full of Cucci junk when we arrived. They will be torn down later this week (soooooo looking forward to a picture of that!) so David rented a storage unit and has been making trips to empty the barns for the time being.

So far, amongst other random Cucci junk, he has found a snow shovel (much needed for these cold Louisiana winters), a shotgun (not surprising), and a crack pipe (REALLY not surprising)! Can't wait to ses what else turns up!

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