Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 201

And so the waiting begins...

We were discharged from the hospital yesterday and allowed to come back home!!! YAY for a great night's sleep in my own bed! My diagnosis is still a little fuzzy; it seems that I'm in a perpetual, and very slow state of preterm labor. They could not find any medications or treatments in the hospital that would slow my contractions down or reduce their intensity. But I'm still not dilated so we know I'm not going into labor at this particular moment. And Baby Max is doing great and just chilling out in there! If he only knew what we were dealing with out here!!! I do have to admit that I absolutely LOVE my new doctor and the nurses at the hospital were awesome!!! I hope they're all there when we go back in to make this baby-having official!

So I got to go home with the instructions that I'm supposed to be on very STRICT bedrest. I think it's pretty funny that the discharge papers listed symptoms that I still continue to have as reasons to go back into the hospital, but there's really nothing we can do right now except wait. I have a doctor's appt tomorrow so maybe I'll know more then.

It has meant so much to David and me to receive countless messages, calls, and texts over the past few days! We have the best friends in the world! I just ask that you keep praying for Baby Max to stay in there just a little longer! Please also pray for my sanity as I struggle with this whole bedrest thing- giving up control of my life is hard for me to do! And prayers for precious Bailey and David as their worlds are changing and quite uncertain right now. I'll keep updating with any news!

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  1. Whew! Glad you're home, but will definitely continue to pray for all of you. Love ya!