Monday, August 15, 2011

Day 226

So I was looking through my stack of ultrasound pictures today and dreaming of what my little man will look like! (You'd think with almost 40 pics, we'd have some idea!)

I also started thinking about what type of man he will become, which got me thinking about 2 more deaths that have devastated our community lately. About a week after hearing the news of the death of our friend Melissa Maggio, I learned of the death of two of my high-school classmates as well. It was a sad, sad day for all of us who were blessed to know Jonas and Rob.

Lt. Commander and Navy SEAL Jonas Kelsall (on the left) joined the military after graduation and became one of the first members of SEAL Team 7. I regret that I did not know Jonas well, but remember him in high school as a humorous and hard-working young man. He was a star player on our high-school soccer team and went on to bravely serve his country with the SEALs.

Jonas, along with Chief Petty Officer Rob Reeves (right) were killed August 6 when their CH-47 Chinook helicopter was downed by a Taliban rocket near Kabul, Afghanistan.

I did have the privilege of knowing Rob since we were about 3 years old. Rob the kind of guy everyone wanted to be friends with. He had a kind heart and was a loyal friend. He was known for his humorous outlook on life and his sense of adventure. Rob attended LSU for one year and then enrolled in the Navy and served with the SEALs for 13 years. He was a part of the now-famous SEAL Team 6.

Both of these men hold a special place in the hearts of those who knew them. Although no one truly knows the details of their life and missions with the SEALs, you can be assured that both of these men died doing what they loved best: proudly serving their country. I can only hope that my sweet baby boy will have half of the courage that these two heros had!

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  1. amen, Holly. You eulogized your friends beautifully. Although it's a tragedy that they're gone, they're resting comfortably now in a beautiful place!