Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day 299- 2 months old!

At 2 months old, Max had his first visit to the Pumpkin Patch. As is the theme of our week, it was a disaster but I lived to tell about it! Here's some pictures before things started going south!

Since Max hasn't been feeling super-great lately, he slept the whole time we were there. I really wanted to get some cute ones with him and Bailey, but she was throwing a fit because she got straw in her shoes and refused to touch him. Then she started fussing and said she didn't even want a pumpkin (which was good because I didn't have any cash or my checkbook with me and they wouldn't take credit or debit cards!). Here's the quintessential "Sit down, shutup, and act like you're happy to be here" picture!

And then some outtakes...

Bailey and Max not getting along!

And my very favorite (it cracks me up more every time I look at it). David calls this the "Didn't I tell you to get that stupid camera out of my face???" picture!

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