Thursday, April 28, 2011

Day 118

Summer is approaching and that means toenail painting season is in full swing! Since my little one has totally embraced her girliness over the past year, I'm sure we'll engage in this activity often!

Today Bailey decided she wanted her toenails painted and wanted to paint mine too. I did one of her feet and then let her watch me do one of mine. Then it was her turn. Luckily she wanted to do mine clear (thank heavens!). But it was so funny watching her duplicate all of the little details she's seen me do: shaking up the polish, telling Mommy to "be very still," redipping in the polish container, and blowing on my toes at the end. I'll have to say that she did a surprisingly good job. Excuse my ugly feet- now you see why painting toenails is so important around our house!

Unfortunately, I can't quite say the same about the finished product on her toes. She decided that she only wanted one foot done. I kept asking her throughout the afternoon and evening if we could do the other one, but no! Maybe tomorrow!

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