Monday, April 11, 2011

Room Redo- Day 100

FINALLY!!! Photo uploading problems resolved!!! So I'm trying like a madwoman to catch up. This week I'm going with another theme. A few weeks ago, we bought Bailey some new Big Girl bedroom furniture and I decided it was also time to do a small overhaul of her room decorations as well. I decided to keep the color-scheme I had, but add some more feminine touches and a little bit of a vintage princess/fairy tale theme. I did all of this myself- mostly redoing things I already had. So I'll be showing some before and after pics. It feels GREAT to have her room finished now so that I can move on to the baby's room soon!!!

Wall Letters BEFORE- I painted these letters shortly after Bailey was born with a flower and vine theme. I was never too crazy about them so I decided to redo them.

Wall Letters AFTER- I patterend the letter design after B's fabric in her room. (Last year I found this really cute fabric and recovered her little rocking chair, made a pillow, and made a valance with it). Here's the fabric.

Here's the letters! I'm really pleased with them now!

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