Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day 144

Still "feeling nostalgic" today but our current photos will focus on the present as this was an exciting day amongst nature at the Doyal house. As always, my little nature scout (Izzie) found something perplexing in the backyard. Actually two things: a turtle and a frog. Mommy had an interesting time trying to capture them (especially the frog) for Bailey to see. She thought they'd like to live together for a little while.

A little while turned into just a few minutes because the frisky frog was none too happy with his new roommate. So I convinced Bailey to walk down to the water with me and give them a better home. She was brave enough to carry the frog in her bucket down there.

We picked out a good spot by the water and Bailey released both animals. Look closely in this picture and you can see the poor frog's legs being rudely ejected from the bucket!

And here are our animal friends in their new homes. Hope it's safer down there than it is up here!!!

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