Friday, June 3, 2011

Day 154

Well, it seems that we've got us a real Dr. Doolittle around here! Bailey LOVES animals, and I suppose our house in the wilderness is quite conducive to that- we're always finding something around here!

Today, it was Froggylegs the baby frog. Bailey was swimming in her little pool and I caught Froggylegs (she came up with the name) for her to look at. To my surprise, Miss Priss wanted me to dump Froggylegs in the water with her and let him swim. And swim he did- he had some nice kicking action going on there! Occasionally he'd hop up on the ledge and try to hop out of the pool (can you blame him?), but Bailey was quick to scoop him up and throw him back in the water. Thank you Froggylegs for a morning of froggy fun!

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  1. :) Her and Gav need a play date to catch critters!!