Monday, September 12, 2011

Day 254- A Decade Ago...

A decade ago... I was working in the public relations department of LifeShare blood centers. I had actually already accepted another job doing pharmaceutical sales with Pfizer, but was finishing up my two weeks' notice worth of work. I remember sitting at my desk and one of the girls, who always had the radio on, called us over to listen. I could not believe by ears! I started trying to call everyone I knew (with everyone else in the area doing the same, only a few of the calls went through). One of those people was my boyfriend David, who was at an Atlanta airport. Fearing the unknown, I was terrified for him to get on another plane to come home. Upon hearing the news, the community showed up in droves to donate blood that day, and all of us from the business office had to come out front to help corral all of the people. I even made the nightly news!

A few short weeks later, I had to travel to New York City for Pfizer training. Again, I was terrified. However, there was probably never a safer time to fly. The airport security was on the ball. I remember at one point in time I was stuck in the already super-long security line at LaGuardia Airport for over an hour. All flights had been grounded and all airport operations were temporarily shut down because President Bush was flying into the airport.

Below I have posted some photos of Ground Zero. These were taken in December 2001. I visited the site earlier on my first trip, however didn't have the heart to take pictures then. It just seemed too new and personal. You couldn't see much because they had partitions and homemade memorial walls all over the place, but I do remember the smell. Even we when exited the subway still underground you could smell it- a smell I can only describe as pure evil. As I sit tonight watching footage of that horrific day, I can only thank God for the blessings in my life.

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