Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 164- A Day in the Life...

Since I knew we wouldn't be home for the majority of the day. I decided to take my camera on the road with me today and show you...

A Day in the Life of Herb the Burb (that's my suburban's name!)

These pictures are not the best quality, since they were taken through the windshield with my point and shoot, and are probably pretty boring to look at. Actually, there are lots of other places I went, but I don't want to go too overboard. But hey, this is my life!!!

9:00 AM- Leaving home for a day on the road.

9:30 AM- At the carwash! Since nature refuses to give my car a bath, I guess I'll have to pay for one!

9:50 AM- Whoo hoo for free childcare! We love going to Grandy and Popaw's (David's parents) house, however we are secretly jealous of thier beautiful yard!

10:30 AM- Quick trip to Best Buy to get some much-needed iPhone accessories!

10:45 AM- My home away from home, Willis Knighton Pierremont, for yet another doctor's appointment. I'll post results on the family blog later when I have a chance to compose the novel that always accompanies my medical appointments!

1:15 PM- After a LONG wait at the doctor's, glad to see daylight again! Off to Michael's for a quick browsing trip for MOPS crafts.

2:45 PM- Home Sweet Home! FINALLY!

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