Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Day 310

It didn't take us long to realize that, soon after Bailey was born, she was in love with stuffed animals! Actually "in love" is probably an understatement because it's more like "obsessed." They go everywhere with her, and I don't just mean a few- the entire lot. Frankly, they're invading my house! We've had to put some away in the closet for periodic change-outs, which she was surprisingly okay with, but there is still an over-abundant number of buddies around our house at any given time.

Over the past week, I've begun to realize that Little Brother is following quickly in Big Sister's footsteps. David's mother bought him this blue teddy bear before he was born. Since I'm not vying for the title of "Mom of the Year," I keep it in his crib and sometimes have been known to let him snuggle with it at nap/night time (thank God for the AngelCare baby monitor!). In the past few days though, his affection for this bear has grown and it's quite amusing. If he's fussing, I'll simply give him the teddy, he puts his chubby little death grib on it, rubs it on his face, gives a huge grin, and then falls right to sleep!

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