Saturday, November 12, 2011

Day 315

Note to self: if any of my children (or even the children of my worst enemy, for that matter!) ever has the croup again and the doctor prescribes steroid treatment, I will politely take that prescription and throw it in the garbage because steroids are the work of the devil for young children!!!!!!!

Poor Bailey- she has really had a rough week. On top of not feeling well and having violent coughing attacks, she's been on these awful steroids that make her like Dr. Jeckell and Mr. Hyde. She's a perfect angel one minute and Charlie Sheen the next!

This picture pretty much sums up our week. Things to notice:

  • On top of the fridge are the candy bowl and a stuffed animal (both things that have been taken away from Bailey because of her tantrums)

  • On the floor are magnets (many broken) and pictures that used to be on the fridge, but while I was nursing Max today she proceeded to violently take them all off and throw them all over the kitchen floor

  • In front of the fridge you will see two chairs stacked on top of each other, as my child was about to climb to her death to try to reach her stuffed animal on top of the fridge

  • On the right side of the picture is Charlie Sheen's arm as she screams at me, "Mommy, it's not funny! Put your camera away!!!"


  1. and its official - you've glimpsed the hell that was my postpartum life!! the good news is that me and my kids are still alive and so this too shall pass!

    loving your sense of humor! and hope your kiddos get better soon!