Saturday, November 12, 2011

Day 314

No, I didn't take my kid to a smokey bar... this is the story of our life right now!

I had to go out and buy another humidifier because both of the kids are currently needing one (Bailey has the croup and Max is just stuffy at night). After one too many nights of moving the humidifier from one child's room to the other at 3 AM, I broke down and bought another one. And Bailey couldn't be happier! I may vow to never buy my children toys again because she can have a blast with normal household objects. She has thoroughly enjoyed putting her hands in her "air" and getting them wet. And she loves turning the steam level up and down and watching the steam billow out. She has also realized that she can fit inside the humidifier box and likes to contort herself like Houdini to fit in it- still waiting to capture this one on film!

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