Friday, January 6, 2012

Day 363

Still on a Christmas high!!! A little hodgepodge today:

Bailey has officially entered the other dimension known as Barbie Heaven! I once used to reside there as well! Don't get me started on Barbie's wardrobe these days though. It seems like we're teaching these little girls that dressing hoochie-fabulous is the way to go! Oh well- Barbie is practicing good oral hygeine so we'll forgive her for now!

This was one of the neatest presents I think Bailey received. It's a Wizard of Oz pop-up book and it's absolutely amazing. Bailey is obsessed with the Wizard of Oz right now (cue upcoming birthday party theme) and my MIL ordered this book from Barnes and Noble. You really have to see it to believe it, but these pop-ups are amazing! It's the L. Frank Baum original version so it's definitely too advanced for her now, but she loves to look at the pictures and so do I!

Little Man is LOVING his exersaucer too! (Nobody tell him that his one and only present from Santa was also used by his sister! That's why half of the toys on it are already broken, but he doesn't know! Poor guy!!!)

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