Friday, January 6, 2012

Day 362

I'll go ahead and admit that these pictures are iPhone pics and therefore are HORRIBLE quality. But I couldn't pass them up. Bailey has always loved playing with her babydolls, and after Max's birth she has improved her mothering skills (thanks to yours truly!). Her babydoll repertoire now includes getting my boppy and sitting down in the chair with it. Then she carefully places the burp cloth under the baby's head (gotta prevent that spitup!) and puts a bib on. Luckily she still feeds her babies from a bottle (I think I'd run and hide if she chose to lift up her shirt!!!). She then burps the babies on her shoulder and yells at them to "stop spitting up!" Wonder where she learned that one from??? She'd probably also like for you to know that her babies are "teefing" and growing some new teeth so they can talk! This girl cracks me up!!!

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