Friday, January 6, 2012

Day 365- Hallelujah!!!

WOW!!! I thought this day would NEVER come! And for a good bit of the year, it couldn't have come soon enough! I have to admit that the 365 project was tough for me, especially post-baby. Some days I had to resort to plopping a horrible iPhone picture up here because that was all I had. Many days I didn't post at all and then had to catch up on a week's worth or more.

But now that I'm at Day 365, I'm actually kinda sad. I have some great memories preserved now because of this project. And although I'm not going to do another 365 blog for 2012, I'll definitely try to keep my family blog updated more often.

Thanks to all (two) of you who followed along with our crazy year and Happy 2012!!!

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